PERG Reports

2018 PERG Reports

The Private Equity Reporting Group and PwC have published the latest version of the Good Practice Guide for Portfolio Companies. Applicable to portfolio companies complying with the Walker Guidelines, the Guide has been updated following PwC’s review of portfolio company disclosures in 2017 and reflects the increasing standards seen in corporate reporting by the FTSE 350, the benchmark against which compliance with the Guidelines is judged. The Guide highlights examples of good practice in order to help portfolio companies with their narrative reporting.

2017 PERG Reports

The Private Equity Reporting Group (PERG), the body established to review the private equity industry’s conformity with the Walker Guidelines has published its tenth annual report on disclosure and transparency in private equity. Each year, a sample of approximately a third of portfolio companies that fall within the scope of the Guidelines are reviewed for compliance with the disclosure requirements. In 2017, compliance fell to 79%, against 86% the previous year. The PERG acknowledges that within the sample reviewed, all BVCA members and their portfolio companies are compliant with the Guidelines or have provided appropriate explanations. Non-compliance is unfortunately driven by non-BVCA members.

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