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The Private Equity Reporting Group (PERG), the body tasked with monitoring compliance with Sir David Walker’s Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity, publishes an annual report each year to monitor and comment on compliance with the Walker Guidelines.

Alongside the PERG annual report is the latest version of the PwC Good Practice Guide, published by PERG and PwC. This report highlights examples of good practice to aid portfolio companies with their reporting.

The final of the three reports is the EY report on the performance of portfolio companies. The BVCA commissions EY annually to collect data from portfolio companies to illustrate performance under private equity stewardship.

Together, these reports comprise the UK private equity annual public reporting process.
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Each year the Private Equity Reporting Group shares highlights and features from the year's reports. Read the findings here.

UK Private Equity Annual Public Reports
Latest PERG Annual Report

The PERG has reviewed the private equity industry’s conformity with the Guidelines for Disclosure and Transparency in Private Equity (the “Guidelines”). The Guidelines, recommended by Sir David Walker in 2007, seek to increase transparency through enhanced reporting and disclosure by the largest UK portfolio companies and their private equity owners.

The PERG was established in March 2008 to monitor the industry’s compliance with the Guidelines and make periodic recommendations to the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association.

No. of companies in scope

81 portfolio companies are covered in this latest annual report (2022: 72 companies).


No. of private equity firms in scope

The portfolio companies in scope of the Guidelines were backed by 71 private equity firms (2022: 64 firms).


Annual report transparency requirement

81% of portfolio companies met the annual report transparency requirement (2022: 78%).


Mid-year update transparency requirement

83% of portfolio companies met the mid-year update transparency requirement (2022: 86%).


Enhanced additional disclosures

60% of portfolio companies produced enhanced additional disclosure to at least a good standard (2022: 60%), with the remaining 40% doing so to a basic standard.


Providing data to EY

83% of portfolio companies provided data to EY (2022: 86%).


Report Archive

Use the library below to discover all past PERG reports published between 2021-2011.